My PMDD Diary

My PMDD Diary

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Author: Natasha Motyka

Number Of Pages: 255

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 03-05-2019

Details: PMDD! It can make you feel crazy, alone and like giving up if you allow it to. PMDD used to have control of my wheel. I am happy to say, I now have control of my wheel, and PMDD sits in the back seat.My journey to healing started with journaling. I discovered there truly is power in writing things down. This diary is laid out for you to track your food, physical activity, and mood. There is space for your daily reflections and space to practice gratitude for three and a half months. As this is long enough for you to track what triggers you, supplements that work or don't work, as well as what foods make you feel good or bad. In the back of the journal, you will find space for research and four calendars. This journal is an excellent way for you to get on the path to putting PMDD in the backseat where she belongs. The key is using it! If you purchase it, use it, or it won't work.

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